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Traditional waterproofing techniques created a challenge to fulfil the strict requirements of contemporary commercial development. Problems including water seepage, cracking, and stiffness forced researchers to look for different approaches, which resulted in the development of asphalt-based waterproofing systems.

Client Challenges

A leading construction company in North America region, faced recurring waterproofing challenges in their commercial building projects. Seeking a reliable and durable solution, they decided to explore asphalt-based waterproofing systems.

  • Competition with Traditional: The client faced difficulty in understanding the region as well as country-level competition among the various players which include the local players and international players
  • Sales Chain Complexity: The client was seeking a road map from the sales distribution channel  selection to the distribution of asphalt-based waterproofing solutions to the end user industry
  • Industry Trends: The client was inquiring about the process roadmap, starting from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of asphalt based waterproof to end-users which includes the following data set

    • Go To Market Strategies
    • Total Addressable Market
    • Government Guidelines
    • Import And Export Analysis

DBMR Conducted the Below Mention Approach to Provide the Best Possible Solutions

Market Analysis

  • Analyzed the market situation and industry penetration rate to understand the current market situation and trends of waterproofing solutions in North America region
  • Identified key market players, their product offerings, and the market position
  • Evaluated the estimated demand for enhanced hydrophobic properties, superior elasticity, and better tensile strength in commercial building waterproofing

Technical Evaluation:

  • Examined the technical specifications of existing asphalt-based waterproofing products
  • Assessed the hydrophobic properties using standardized testing methods
  • Evaluated elasticity and tensile strength through laboratory tests, comparing asphalt-based solutions with alternative materials

Strategies Provided By DBMR

Education and Awareness Campaigns

  • Our team suggested the client to start extensive education efforts aimed at engineers, architects, and building industry experts to raise knowledge of the advantages of waterproofing systems based on asphalt
  • We have provided proper analysis on how to organize various webinars, workshops, and seminars which helped to discuss the research studies and success stories that demonstrate how asphalt-based technologies improve the structural integrity of commercial buildings

Collaboration and Partnerships

  • We have delivered a comprehensive solution on encourage cooperation between asphalt-based technology makers, associations, and construction firms in order to further research and development
  • Our team covered a blueprint on alliances with academic institutions to support research and initiatives that examine the effectiveness and developments of asphalt-based waterproofing systems

Standards and Certifications

  • DBMR has provided the full analysis of collaborating with industry associations and regulatory agencies to create and advance industry standards for waterproofing solutions based on asphalt
  • Our research team suggested the client to verify the efficiency, security, and long-term viability of asphalt-based systems, look for certificates and recommendations from respectable organizations

Training Programs

  • Provided training courses for installers and contractors in the construction industry to guarantee correct installation and upkeep of asphalt-based waterproofing systems


  • DBMR delivered a blueprint to recognize experts who have undergone specialized training in the handling and use of solutions based on asphalt

Business Impact/ Outcome

Cost Savings: The client gained increased durability and decreased maintenance requirements of asphalt-based solutions resulting in significant cost savings. This has reduced the need for regular replacements and repairs, which made the budget more predictable

Enhanced Aesthetics: The client successfully adopted seamless integration of asphalt-based membranes improved the overall aesthetics of the commercial building. The absence of visible cracks and water stains contributed to a more visually appealing structure

Energy Efficiency: The client improved the insulation properties of the asphalt-based system contributing to better energy efficiency within the building. This not only aligned with sustainability goals but also resulted in operational cost savings


The successful implementation of asphalt-based waterproofing solutions by the construction demonstrates the increased acceptance of this innovative technology in the commercial construction sector in North America. The case study provides valuable insights into the superior hydrophobic properties, flexibility, and tensile strength offered by asphalt-based systems, making them a preferred choice for modern commercial building structures.

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